Anger -What it is, how it works, what it does

Anger, what is is, how it works and what to do about it. It’s time to say goodbye to anger in your life!

say goodbye to anger
Say goodbye to anger

Many decades ago, I was at my step sister’s house. The adults bedroom was behind the kids bedroom. In other words, you had to go through the kids room to get to their room.

I was sleeping in one of the kids beds, which was directly opposite the doorway to both rooms. My brother-in-law was a drinker. And he was super jealous, although my step sister NEVER provoked it in any way.

That night, I woke up to him accusing her of looking at some other guy. She was saying she didn’t, she loved him, but he started slapping her. I was terrified. She got to the point where she said she was going to throw up. He said let’s go to the bathroom. I rolled over in bed to face the doorway out of the bedroom. In the light from the hallway I saw he was totally aroused.

I never understood why. Until just now, reading an article from 2008 on anger. I was looking yesterday 9.13.21 for definitions on anger.

…”here again, Stosny’s hormonal account of anger arousal is suggestive. Not only does our brain secrete the analgesic-like norepinephrine when we’re provoked, but it also produces the amphetamine-like hormone epinephrine, which enables us to experience a surge of energy throughout our body—the adrenaline rush that many of my clients have reported feeling during a sudden attack of anger.”

The ADRENALINE RUSH some people, mostly men, get from hitting another person. From being jealous which turns to anger, which leads to hitting, which in turn, causes arousal in some people. [ever heard of ‘make-up sex’?] All the above is addictive, thus, people hold on to their anger instead of letting it go.

This article explains why my Dad kept his anger toward me, it explains why my sister and my son keep their anger toward me, it explains why I’ve been so angry a lot of my life – alot stemming from the molestations from my father and grandfather and neglect by my mother – and why I’ve been angry that everyone left me out of everything regarding my Dad’s obituary, estate sale, funeral.

If you’ve ever been angry, if you’ve ever had someone angry at you, if there has ever been anger directed toward you for a length of time, you would do well to avail yourself to read the article and LEARN why other people do it. Learn why YOU do it and above all, release it and live a better, healthier life!! It’s time to SAY GOODBYE to anger in your life!

buh bye
Say BUH BYE to anger!


"If you are a Jesus follower, the power of God flows through you. Release that power by doing what Jesus did. Pray for another, heal the sick, be encouraging. No one ever got anywhere by  not taking that first step.  "

Janine Joi

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