Just Because God Tells One Person Something

Just because God tells one person something, doesn’t mean that He’s telling you. We need to search out for ourselves, what the Lord is telling each of us, individually. We should take time and sit with the Lord every, single, day. Spending time with the Lord should be the most important thing we do first thing and every day. We need to find out what He wants for each of us. The only way we’re going to do that,  is if we take the time to sit, pray and listen. Have a conversation with. Open our hearts, open our feelings, give Him our fears.

Some people think that fasting is not for today. Or not for them. Maybe God told them specifically that He didn’t want them to fast, for a time. It could be because God knows what’s going on in their body and they don’t. It could be any number of reasons. But it doesn’t apply to you. It only applies to them.

People tend to put on a pedestal and take for gospel, everything a well-known person says and does. They think everyone else has ‘the answers’, but they don’t. That’s because they won’t sit and listen to the Lord.


Just because God may give me directions on something, doesn’t mean He’s giving you the same direction. We are all unique! God made us this way. He wants to sit and talk and love on, each person. But you’ve got to take the time to spend with Him. He will tell you things that will amaze you!

He’s got to be more important than throwing a load in the washer. He’s got to be more important than going to the gym first. He has to be more important than sleeping in.

When we make the Lord the first thing we do in our day, He tells us things. When we make listening to Him more important than eating, or drinking, or anything else, then our understanding will be opened. Our lives are better, things work better.

"Worrying has NEVER changed anything except the state of your health. Stop! Take EVERY WORRY to Jesus and LEAVE IT with Him.  "

Janine Joi

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