Prepare For What’s Coming – A List to Help

In my youtube video from today’s date, called Prophetic Words-2022-What the Prophets are NOT saying loudly!

I said I will post a list of things that might be useful to buy to prepare for what the prophets and just about 98% of people say is coming. You can get tons of info on what foods to store and medicines online. These are things you may not have thought about. We prepare to have things on hand – not out of fear – but out of common sense and knowing tough times are coming.

  • Solar battery
  • Solar panels
  • generator
  • gas for generator
  • Hammers
  • rakes
  • nails
  • screws
  • weed whacker spools
  • parts for the tools you use
  • like an extra chainsaw chain
  • oil for the machines
  • Mock Mill 1 or 2, it’s a grain grinder
  • Palousebrand grain, beans, peas, shipping is included in the price. Please give my name if you order. Janine Joi
  • Underwear
  • Foot inserts/insoles if you wear them
  • ACV apple cider vinegar
  • white vinegar, different uses
  • the huge bag of baking soda at Costco, Sam’s might have it too. It’s useful for tons of stuff. Read up online to see what it’s good for.
  • toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss
  • yeast
  • a freezer
  • I hesitate on advising to buy a Harvest Right freeze dryer. Ours broke within 3 months, it’s been down for 4 months. Nothing happened with them helping until I filed a better business bureau complaint. So in the 4 months it’s been down inflation has skyrocketed from 4% to 7.5%. Buyer beware.
  • supplements, they last 2-4 years.
  • things that brighten your day. Things that you do that make you happy. Painting, coloring, bright pieces of fabric. I currently live in a place where no sunlight comes in. It’s light, but no sunlight. I have become an expert at brightening my space and having things around me that are light and colorful.
  • Learn  how to make bread. Leave a comment here if you want the recipe for one loaf of freshly milled wheat bread.
  • Ghee is roasted butter separated from the milk in it. Clarified butter is the same thing, but it’s not roasted. It’s melted, then the solids skimmed off. Watch Chef Jean-Pierre to see how it’s done. In any case, have butter on hand and oil. Olive and/or avocado
  • toy for your animals
  • Animal food
  • Water. Make sure you have a lot of water
  • Flashlights and the battery types they need.
  • Eye drops, aspirin/pain killers.
  • and don’t forget to get a bible on your phone.

I know there are lots more things to add to this list, but this will start your thinking along lines most don’t think about.

Make lists on google docs or wherever you make lists that you can access quickly if you need too.

Get a separate hard drive to transfer all your stuff too, so if need be, you won’t need to be connected to the internet to get your recipes, ideas and how-to’s in your head.

One school of thought is that it’s going to get pretty bad. That the grid will be down, won’t have electricity, won’t have communications, if the well pump is electric, won’t have water. [I live in the East now, almost everyone gets their water from a well. {shocking I know!} ]

Another school of thought is that things will get bad, but this week you can’t get ACV, next week you can, or maybe in 2 weeks. [Such is the case here in VA currently] That’s IF you get to the store on time on the day it’s in. There probably will be hard times, but not to the degree as to the first one above.

In either case, it’s not a time to panic, it’s a time to prepare. Because even if there are not hard times, even if the shaking that the prophets are talking about doesn’t happen, there is always a tornado, a hurricane or some other disaster that happens. It’s always better to be prepared with things that make sense for you and yours.


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