Prophetic Word on Masks for Children, No Mistakes Plus more

Prophetic word on masks for children, no mistakes, God loves you, no comparisons.

If it’s me, the quotes are ‘, single, if it’s God talking, the quotes are ” double.

‘Lord I see that everything is based on self-worth. If I don’t see myself as having value or worth oh, then I will never accomplish that which you have called me to do. I will never accomplish anything, whether it’s something that you have called me to do or that I have chosen to do. Often it is one and the same we just don’t realize it at the time.

If I don’t have self worth, I won’t take care of my body, my skin, my emotions, I just won’t take care of me. I understand now Lord. Now that I do not have the “less than” mentality I see it now. People that do not have self-worth or self-esteem, go out in wrinkled clothes, they don’t brush their teeth morning and night, they don’t clean up after themselves. They don’t take care of themselves, it’s clear and apparent. Most people think if a person is overweight, that they have no self worth. That’s not true, but it’s the main focus of what and how the world thinks.

As I had no self-worth or self-esteem for decades,’

“you had some”, Holy Spirit interjected. ‘You had it on the inward parts of you. It’s just that you were so beaten down, browbeaten, that it was difficult for you to rise above the curses, the word curses and then consequently, the self curses. That’s why it’s so important to pray for children. Almost everything happens to a person as a child. That’s why Satan is after your children. Parents need to do what they need to do, however the mask mandate for children is abhorrent to me. There is homeschooling. There are co-ops. I would prefer children are schooled at home if at all possible anyway.”

‘Uh, Lord, you don’t expect me to say that on YouTube, do you?’

“Why not” He asked gently.

‘Well let me tell you why..uh…uh…it seems like a directive. It seems like a, a hardship put on parents.’

“Doesn’t it seem like that for everything that is my way?”

‘For me yes.’ [LOL not ALL the time Lord, just sometimes]’

“Well so it goes for others as well. Not for everyone, but for many, yes, a lot of what I ask or demand seems like a hardship to many.”

‘How did we get off on this?’

He laughed “you let me talk!”


“To get back to your original statement, uh, thesis,” He grinned, “Yes, absolutely, how a person sees themself is paramount to a successful life. No one is “less than” in my eyes.

That’s why it’s so important not to compare yourself! Does a snowflake compare itself to another snowflake because their crystals are rounded or their crystals are sharp? Does a bird compare itself, does a sparrow compare itself to a macaw? No! They’re to busy doing what they need to do which is providing for themselves and their families. They just are being a sparrow or being a macaw/ If I want a macaw or a sparrow, I create one. If I want a human, I create one. I don’t make mistakes! Everyone is knitted together in the womb. I don’t make mistakes!”

‘Why are you bringing abortion to my mind?’

“Because so many have been lost. I weep for my children that have been lost. I don’t make mistakes my girl, I don’t flub up, I make everyone, as I have created everyone’s destiny. Everyone is earmarked for greatness. Everyone. There are obstacles to overcome for everyone. Many, many obstacles are inside a person’s heart and soul. Many people cover it up very, very well. Many don’t. Don’t compare yourself, my children, do not compare yourself. You are unique in your own special way. You are uniquely made by me. My hand of Love crafted you. For your express purpose. You are not a mistake, you are not a screw up, you are not a black sheep, you are not less than, you are not ugly, you are not stupid, you are grand and glorious and perfection in my eyes! I love you forever and ever and ever! Look to me, don’t look at what the world is doing or saying, look to me. Read my Word. Get it deep inside you. And know that you are deeply loved. You are beautiful, you are handsome, you are strong, independent, and brave. I love you all with an undying Love! He laughed, “did you like the play on words?” {he’s not dead}

I’m laughing too hard to continue


“Janine, don’t you ever think that you are too old or to ____ fill in the blank, to do what I have called you to do.

THAT GOES FOR EACH AND EVERY CHILD OF MINE, YOU ARE NOT TO ______ fill in the blank. You do what I told you to do.

You do what I’ve asked you to do. You know, you step out and I’ll do the rest.” He smiled.

“Get healed emotionally. Through whatever means I have provided. I have provided Flower Essences. I have provided the energy in rocks, did I not create everything?

I have created flowers, rainbows, nature, mountains, trees, animals, colors, music! I have created it all for my pleasure and your healing. Use it! Use it! Please, please use it! Stop stopping yourself from using my creation to be happy! To be healed! No no! Happiness is not a sin! Happiness is a part of joy!

Will you put this on your blog today?”

‘Yes Lord.’

“Will you read this on YouTube?” I paused, ‘could I clean it up at all?’

“Yes if there are areas that need cleaning up. Will you put it on YouTube today?”

‘Yes Lord.’

“Good girl!”

Doors To Joy Youtube video



"If you are a Jesus follower, the power of God flows through you. Release that power by doing what Jesus did. Pray for another, heal the sick, be encouraging. No one ever got anywhere by  not taking that first step.  "

Janine Joi

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