apr 16-18, 2018 Little Girl Lessons and Cork Road Story

4.16.18 talking to the Little ones Lesson ‘Why did I never trust you little ones?’ “Because we were always acting up. But you always figured that we were too little and didn’t know anything. We did know stuff and we do know stuff! You just, you had a hard time. And we didn’t know how […]

4-10-18 Tangible Surprise!

4.10.18 “I miss you Lord, I miss our sessions. And I’m scared. I don’t know where to go or where to live.” God asked, “Will you trust me?” I gulped down my coffee and said “yes.” He said “Good. A lot can happen in a year.” “Do you still want me to get rid of […]

3-31-18 The Cork Road

3-31-18 Cork I have some attitude problems as a seven-year-old don’t I Lord? “Yes you do.” “I hope you can weed it all out of me Jesus. He smiled, “oh, I can!” ———- The five Town boys, The Little Boy and The Little Girl all went to sit under the tree to have their lunch. […]

3-30-2018 The Cork Road

3.30.18 Cork 13 “Daddy I don’t want to grow up, I don’t want to grow up!” “Why?” “Because then I’ll get older and I won’t be close to you. And I can’t talk in a little kid voice and I’ll have to be an adult and responsible and all that and I just wanted to […]

3-23-18 thru 3-26-18 Cork Road

3-23-18 This morning, I was praying and I told the Lord that I would go to 7 yrs old with him. Remembering what he said last night about growing up in him, I told him “yes I will go to 7 yrs old with you.” “Will you go to 8 with me?” “No. I need […]

3-13-18 thru 3-15-18 Cork Road

3-13-18 So The Little Boy ran out the front door and started walking down the road. He noticed with these new shoes, he couldn’t feel the rocks in the road as much. They didn’t hurt his feet as much. Instead of looking down at his feet, he lifted his head. He felt good. He saw […]

3-10 thru 3-12-2018 Cork

3-10-18 Cork Road introduced, Angels and Prayer ‘Jesus, when I praise you what do I call you?’ “Lord is fine, is that good with you?” So I said, “I praise you Lord.” I smiled and looked up at him and nodded my head yes. ‘Jesus, I get confused with Janine and all her stuff. She’s […]