5.2.18 A Huge Lesson for Everyone, Issues and Cover-ups

5.2.18 talking with Jesus ‘Father, there’s a lot of people that are adult and responsible.’ “You are adult and responsible too.” ‘But you said everyone has issues.’ “They do, some are deeper than others, some are bigger than others, some are taken care of already and some are not. There is no perfect person Janine.” […]

5.1.18 Forgiveness and People have ISSUES The Cork Road

5.1.18 me and Daddy  Jesus, these are big lessons, these are big lessons. Are you going to get them in me? When little kids are trained in all this stuff they’re trained over and over through the years by their parents, but God I mean, that’s like 15 or 16 years God, and I don’t […]

4-20 thru 22, 2018 Not My Fault, Being Forgotten, Forgiveness

4.20.18  Father? may I say “since” instead of “if” on “since the Lord is for me who can be against me?” And will you remove from me the fear of you please? The bad fear. I know we’re supposed to respect you and hold you in high esteem and all that, but the bad fear, […]