4.25.18 Flying With Jesus, Believing For Things

4.25.18 It wasn’t jealousy and it wasn’t envy, it was longing. I don’t have the longing anymore. The longing for something that I wish I was, I wish I was more like Gloria Copeland or Billye Brim, I wish I was more adult, I wish I knew how to say things, do things. I wish […]

apr 16-18, 2018 Little Girl Lessons and Cork Road Story

4.16.18 talking to the Little ones Lesson ‘Why did I never trust you little ones?’ “Because we were always acting up. But you always figured that we were too little and didn’t know anything. We did know stuff and we do know stuff! You just, you had a hard time. And we didn’t know how […]

4-8-18 Talking To The Little Ones

I was in the hot tub talking to the Little ones, and I was telling them how good they are and that I love them and Jesus loves them and that they’re good kids. They are good children and they did their best. I thanked them. I told them thank you for doing their best […]