4.26 thru 4.28 2018 Healing the Little Ones, Anger, The Cork Road

4.26.18 God’s word God’s word is true. When we speak it, it comes to pass. Why does it not come to pass quickly? Because we live in a sinful world. We live in a world that is ruled for a time by Satan. We don’t fight against flesh and blood. We fight against principalities and […]

4.25.18 Hearts and Honor – The Cork Road

The next morning the children that were going to scripture school all showed up on time. Ms. Amazing handed out the necklaces to hang around the children’s neck, making sure every child had one they had not worn previously. “Children,” she said, “Your classroom teacher asked me to teach on one of the words in Philippians […]

4-4 thru 4-5-18 Cork Road

4-4-18 Cork I was praising Jesus and telling him that I loved him. I just kept saying ‘I love you Jesus.’ Then I said ‘you’re a good Daddy’ and I started to cry. “Why are you crying?” I thought for a second and said, ‘I think I’m crying because I know what a bad Daddy […]

3-27-18 thru 3-29-18 The Cork Road Movin’ On Up

3.27.18 Cork The Little Boy met his friends at the gate and told them everything that the hiring man had said. “I’m going to have a swing set! And a bike! My Dad’s going to have a company car and the house we’re moving to already has everything in it that we’re going to need, […]

3-13-18 thru 3-15-18 Cork Road

3-13-18 So The Little Boy ran out the front door and started walking down the road. He noticed with these new shoes, he couldn’t feel the rocks in the road as much. They didn’t hurt his feet as much. Instead of looking down at his feet, he lifted his head. He felt good. He saw […]