The “Missing” Connection – Trusting Self

4.1.22 10.25a ‘Oh God! It’s not that I don’t believe you! It’s that I don’t trust that I’m hearing you. Why is that? Will you heal me of it?’ “Yes, I certainly will.” ‘Why do you always have to be asked?’ “I don’t always. However it’s best to ask so you are aware of the situation […]

3-27-18 thru 3-29-18 The Cork Road Movin’ On Up

3.27.18 Cork The Little Boy met his friends at the gate and told them everything that the hiring man had said. “I’m going to have a swing set! And a bike! My Dad’s going to have a company car and the house we’re moving to already has everything in it that we’re going to need, […]

3rd Month 3-6-18 to 3-8-18 Cork Road

– Edit: Feb I had the flu, no entries for that month. This is so good and there are so many lessons, I will start posting several days, instead of a whole month. – Updated edit: From here on, when I’m thinking in my head, the words will be couched in :’s. When Jesus is […]