5.7.18 What Prayer Does, Activating Angels, Forgiving, About Heaven

5.7.18 A Very Emotional Lesson on Forgiving, Angels, Prayer and Heaven ‘Jesus, I know that I’m 8 now. Why did I say on May 4th that I didn’t know what heaven was like? Because I’ve been there with you.’ Jesus, “You forget sometimes honey. It’s okay. Everyone does. Those are times with me, most people […]

5.2-3.18 Lion Suit, Risk, Cork Road, Lessons, Fighting the Devil

Lion Suit, Risk, Cork Road, Lessons, Fighting the Devil “Honey!” The Little Boy’s Dad had just gotten home from work. “I saw The Stranger today and he said that they’re going to start work on our new house on Monday. And that we are to get our things together, to go on our vacation. His […]

4.25.18 Flying With Jesus, Believing For Things

4.25.18 It wasn’t jealousy and it wasn’t envy, it was longing. I don’t have the longing anymore. The longing for something that I wish I was, I wish I was more like Gloria Copeland or Billye Brim, I wish I was more adult, I wish I knew how to say things, do things. I wish […]

4-8-18 Talking To The Little Ones

I was in the hot tub talking to the Little ones, and I was telling them how good they are and that I love them and Jesus loves them and that they’re good kids. They are good children and they did their best. I thanked them. I told them thank you for doing their best […]

The Cork Road – January 2018

1-6-18                                            Daddy, it seems like I’m always struggling and I’m always failing. I’m always trying to do what you want but it seems like I’m always failing.’ “Would you like me to show you […]