What a RELIEF To Finally Say It! 9.10.21

normal American family

What a RELIEF to finally say it OUT LOUD. My earthly Dad molested me! My earthly mother abandoned me, neglected me, emotionally abused me. She’s still alive in body, in Elk Grove, Ca. WHAT A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY! And it continues with those that are without Jesus that are still alive. So this is my entry […]

5.8.18 SUPER Important Answer about Angels and Prayer

5.8.18 answer Re: Angels Father, last night was difficult. It was really hard. I went to bed being so angry at you and not wanting to be, it was just that I didn’t understand. Until I read previous pages and I got to where I knew you loved me and everything, so I was better. […]

5.7.18 What Prayer Does, Activating Angels, Forgiving, About Heaven

5.7.18 A Very Emotional Lesson on Forgiving, Angels, Prayer and Heaven ‘Jesus, I know that I’m 8 now. Why did I say on May 4th that I didn’t know what heaven was like? Because I’ve been there with you.’ Jesus, “You forget sometimes honey. It’s okay. Everyone does. Those are times with me, most people […]

4-12-18 Blueberry Sauce

4.12.18 Blueberry sauce So they held hands sitting right there on the bed, closed their eyes and they prayed, “Lord, this is so much, it must be from you. We have never known people to give so much to someone else. We have read in your Word, that you give us life more abundantly. This […]

4-4 thru 4-5-18 Cork Road

4-4-18 Cork I was praising Jesus and telling him that I loved him. I just kept saying ‘I love you Jesus.’ Then I said ‘you’re a good Daddy’ and I started to cry. “Why are you crying?” I thought for a second and said, ‘I think I’m crying because I know what a bad Daddy […]

God’s Word Activated

When we are born again, believing Jesus is not only the Son but also God; when we believe what he did on the cross and believe it for ourselves, we are born again. Saved. Have salvation. At that time, Holy Spirit, THE Holy Spirit of God comes to live inside of us, to guide us […]

3-19-18 thru 3-22-18 Cork Road Mysterious Coats

3.19.18 cork The little girl shivered because the morning air was cold. The Little Boy saw it and he took off his coat and gave it to her. He said, ‘it’s raggedy but it keeps me warm, so it should keep you warm.’ The little girl smiled gratefully at The Little Boy. Right at that […]