Addressing Fear


Well, I’ve been reading my journal and posting it on youtube. As the Lord has asked me to do. The purpose is to let others know they are not alone. It’s basically a story to me and for me, yet also for everyone and anyone else that wants to avail themselves of the lessons, wisdom, […]

Apr 19, 2018 White Bunnies and Glasses of Fear

“I want to talk to your Little ones.”‘ ‘Wow God, that was quick. Which ones?’  “The one who’s afraid. And the one who’s sad. They are very close in age.” ‘How old are they Lord?’ “You’ll see.” I’m walking toward Jesus scuffling my feet. I look at him and he has a stern look on […]

3-27-18 thru 3-29-18 The Cork Road Movin’ On Up

3.27.18 Cork The Little Boy met his friends at the gate and told them everything that the hiring man had said. “I’m going to have a swing set! And a bike! My Dad’s going to have a company car and the house we’re moving to already has everything in it that we’re going to need, […]

Earlier in 2017 Wow!

Earlier 2017 – Please, if this speaks to you, put YOUR name in where mine is. This isn’t just for me, this is for those that need it as well. I asked the Lord where are the blockages? He said my great grandmother, my Dad’s side. Moggie’s mother*. From the book “Operating in the Courts […]