Memories – Tucked In A Letter

This is a letter from my Dad I saved from Jan 1976. I will write it out in its entirety. For one, the Lord has called [told] me to be transparent in everything about me. It’s taken me 3 years, but I finally came around to His desires. The other, because maybe my sister needs […]

4.25.18 Hearts and Honor – The Cork Road

The next morning the children that were going to scripture school all showed up on time. Ms. Amazing handed out the necklaces to hang around the children’s neck, making sure every child had one they had not worn previously. “Children,” she said, “Your classroom teacher asked me to teach on one of the words in Philippians […]

4-9-18 Surprises Everywhere!

Surprises Everywhere! 4.9.18 continued from being taught patience. The Stranger said, “Patience is a wonderful thing for your teacher to teach you! And it’s wonderful that you listened and remembered! When you go to scripture school, there will be scriptures for you to remember and I’m sure you’ll do very well.” “Stranger? Are you coming […]