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This is how to understand the quotes and other things. I know how quotes work. However, there is SO MUCH talking in here, that even *I* wasn’t understanding who was saying what. Especially between me and Jesus. So His words are done with proper quotes, ” “, myself and others are in single quotes. ‘ ‘

Also, I’m sure you will find things that may not make sense, if so, please email me with them so I can fix them. It’s a very good story that once I start editing, I get engrossed in, again. So it’s likely I’m missing some stuff.

The Lord has told me to read and re-read this story, like I do the Bible. I find there are things in here, just like in the Bible, that I missed the first and second time, or it has new meaning now.

I hope this story blesses you.


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"If keeping the fear inside you is more important than facing it, then you will believe anyone that will feed your fear."

Janine  Joi

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