Holy Spirit vs THE Holy Spirit. Differentiating between the two 6.4.21

Holy Spirit vs THE Holy Spirit, how to differentiate between the two.

6.4.21 NOTE: I talk a LOT with the Lord. He and I have conversations, whole convos. Because it’s not ‘he said’, ‘she replied’, I get lost in re-reading. So I use single quotes to denote me speaking and double quotes to denote the Lord speaking. I do this in EVERYTHING I write. It’s easier for me and all the lessons are FOR me in the first place, for you, if you hear them. Start reading “The Cork Road”, you’ll see what I mean.

‘Lord teach me about the power and the authority please. Holy Spirit has the power and I have the authority. Holy Spirit has the power and authority and everything. Because the Holy Spirit is in me, I have the authority. The power is the Holy Spirit, the power is God, who is the Holy Spirit. Look at that. I said the Holy Spirit. THE.’


‘Holy Spirit, I’m sorry! I don’t want to think of You as “the”.

“You think of me as ‘the’, because there is a bad spirit and there is a good spirit, a ‘Holy Spirit’. The Spirit of God is holy. That is me. Don’t be so hard on yourself Janine.”

Sigh. I’m thinking; if I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’.

“I’ve told you before sweetheart, it doesn’t matter if you call me God, or Jesus, or Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter if you call me Dad, or Father, or Papa, I know who you are talking to. I know in what manner and method you are talking to me.

When you say ‘the’ Holy Spirit, you are speaking about a tangible and intangible thing. When you are talking to Me, my name is Holy Spirit. We are part and parcel. One is an action or a thing, the other is a person. One is a name and one is a noun or verb. It’s all right sweetheart, it’s all right. Just go back and keep listening to John Paul.”

‘Thank You Lord.’

“My pleasure. Or, as Lauren said, “of course”. ” He winked.

A very good video to watch is this one John Paul Jackson on Youtube.

as an aside: I am posting from current date. I have no idea how I’m going to date the future postings from months ago, so they line up. Being obedient takes SOME finesse and I’m not sure I have enough to make these blog posts work. I could sure use some volunteer help. 🙂


"If you have no good self identity, you will have no boundaries.  "

Janine Joi

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