I Call Out My Children

I Call Out My Children 12.10.20

“You try to block the free spiritedness in you that I have placed there. You try to fit in, you try to be ‘normal’, whatever that is. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s my people, who are called by MY NAME, trying to be what THE PEOPLE think they should be! NORMAL is NOT the way to be! Normal is Satan’s terminology!! IT IS NOT MINE! I call OUT my children from living in this world! I don’t call ONE PERSON to live ‘normal’. I call my kids to live extravagant lives in faith, word and deed! I call MY OWN to live FOR ME, not for themselves, not for this world, but for me, through me. I call MY children to BE my hands, my feet, my mouth. To exhibit my love, my forgiveness, my truth, my grace.

call out come out

I am hereby, telling you to tell the world to COME OUT, COME OUT from your hiding place in the cave. Tell the world, tell my children in the world, COME OUT, stop being afraid, stop being timid. Stop living by the world’s ways, the world’s definition of ‘normal’. Come up! Come higher! Come to me! Where I AM! Don’t allow yourselves to be stuck in the miry clay. I AM brought you out of that clay. I’ve called you to come UP, COME OUT, COME FORTH. You are not wrapped in a

tomb, unless it is of your own making. Throw off the shrouds of unbelief, unforgiveness, hurt, anger, unrepentant hearts. Throw off the ties that bind of wanting to BE the way the world is. I have broken these chains, I have broken your chains, it is up to YOU to CAST THEM OFF.

DO IT NOW. Don’t look back in regret wishing you had done it earlier. Do it NOW. There are those that will throw them off before the new year. There are those that will fling them off in the year. Some will read this after this coming year of 2021 and fling them off the minute they get saved! YES! This is how I’ve made it to be! Take up your cross is as much about flinging off the shackles that HAD you bound as it is doing MY will.”

Doors To Joy



"Frequencies are like dreams, they can work their spiritual goodness without our minds getting in the way.  "

Janine Joi

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