Just What Specifically IS Sin? What, Specifically IS the Blood of Jesus?

What does it mean to be born into a ‘sin’ world? What is sin anyway? “They” say we are born into sin. “They” say be free from your sins. Just exactly, what are sins? What is a ‘sin world’?

In basic training at Fort McClellan, 1973, there was a gal in my company, Carolyn Postell. Many times over the years I’ve felt bad about her leaving the military early. Many times I’ve tried to find her to ask forgiveness of how I and others treated her.

So, when her name came to my mind this morning, [yes, I did pray for her], I was wondering and thinking hard, just WHAT did I DO? I do remember trying to be friends with her. But she didn’t want it. She was short and painfully shy. The painfully part comes from the people around someone that is that way. It’s painful for us to try to get close to someone who is that shy. So we tend to back away.

Then I realized what I did. I ignored her. Like the others did, I ignored her. I couldn’t get her to reciprocate friendliness, so I ignored her. I did not join in with some others who bullied her because of her teeth, but I think ignoring someone is worse.

When someone is ignored, that tells them they do not matter. Their life doesn’t count, their opinions definitely don’t matter. It cheapens their life, who they are. Because it just piles on more of the same nastiness that has already permeated their life.

When we are ignored

I know this. I was ignored as a child, I have been ignored in my adult life. I know it wasn’t me, it was their problem, the way they were raised, but it colored my world, it damaged my emotions, my sense of self worth for a time. Thank God I always thought more highly of myself than I should have, it’s what saved me as a younger person. I’ve since repented of that. 🙂

When we are born, we are born into what Christians say is a ‘sin world’. Just exactly what does that mean? Well, I’m not going to get in to the spirituality stuff that says we are spirit, soul and we possess a body. Listen to Creflo Dollar for that.

I’m speaking myself and to those that want an explanation of the what sin is and what being born into a sin world means.

When Lucifer was thrown out of heaven because he wanted to be God, he was put on earth. [So you know this was after God created the earth. Just a little aside there.] He was given earth to dominate until Jesus comes to claim and take all His children that follow Him.

So that makes earth now, full of sin. Because Lucifer sinned. He lusted, he schemed, he wanted, he tried to steal from God. So all his conniving went with him and it fills the earth. [except where the Spirit of God is in people that have repented and asked Jesus to cleanse them of their sins and live in their hearts. I do a lot of ‘asides’, best to learn that early]

How do we know we have sin? When we feel bad for doing something. A sin is something that marks our soul. It’s a part of us we can’t see, we can only feel through it. We also think and use our wills through our souls. The part of us that is the soul, has three parts inside it. Mind, will and emotions. It’s the ‘flesh’ part of us.

world of sin
results of sin

When we are born, we are born in to this world of sin. It’s covered, infested, imbued [permeated], embalmed in sin. Because Satan rules the earth at this time. When we are born, we are baby sponges. We soak up everything. We soak up all the negativity around us, in the atmosphere, in our worlds.

Now, if you have parents that follow Jesus, you will have a leg up on this sin stuff. They will pray for you, cover you with the blood of Jesus, raise you to know right from wrong, stuff like that. But even so, everyone is still born in to sin and have to fight it. Most of us don’t have parents that teach Jesus in the home.

The Word of God says He will write His laws on our hearts. I think this is where we know right from wrong insofar of the laws of the land. Don’t kill someone else. I don’t think any caregiver trains a child that it is ok to kill. People may be brainwashed later, but no child is taught it’s ok to kill. Stuff like that. So even if we don’t have a Christian parent or other in our lives, we still have that.

What IS sin? It’s an act or a thought that goes against what is right.  Who [not ‘what’, because we are people with a soul living here] determines what is right? THE moral compass. Who determines what this moral compass is? The laws of right and wrong written on our hearts. How did those laws get there? Yep. We’ve come full circle.

It takes us, individually, to decide which way we want to go. Do we want to continue doing wrong or do we want to have joy? Sin may make you happy for a time, but it doesn’t bring joy. Joy is a God emotion, happy is a universal law. That means something that works for everyone, no matter if you follow Jesus or not, it will work. [ He put those universal laws into place!]

So then what? Then comes the blood of Jesus. The Blood of anything is a big deal. There’s blood brothers, blood donors, it’s life. Without blood, there is no life.

So how does this blood work? Like, ‘the blood of Jesus washes away sins’. Huh? How??? Because when Jesus came to earth, He was God in the flesh. He didn’t sin, he didn’t have bad thoughts, he didn’t do anything wrong. Then, when He was nailed to a cross, His blood came out of His body. Yeah, nails going in, spears being stuck in Him. Blood came out of His body. He WILLINGLY let this happen to Him.

showing blood of Jesus
Showing Blood of Jesus

[This isn’t an evangelistic call, so I’m not going ‘there’ Go read MarioMurillo.org ].

Jesus took all the sins of the world, past, present and to come, on Himself. [Can you imagine the burden? Only God could have taken that] And His blood was shed. Blood, the big deal about blood. Blood has always been used as a covenant sealer.

{Light bulb} that was written on the tables of our hearts too! How important blood is! It was further emphasized and carried out in covenants in the Bible.

[what are the really important things to God? He does them in the Word. Blood covenants, sin atonements, keeping certain feasts, He models them. Forgiveness, joy, laughter, having fun, healing, good relationships, being obedient, that’s a huge one, being obedient. That makes me think it’s more important than being willing. Was Jesus ALWAYS willing? Noooo, He didn’t want to go on the cross!! But He was obedient! I’ll leave this in here to remind me I might want to go down this rabbit trail in the future.]

Back to sin. The only thing that can remove sin from us, is the Blood of Jesus that was shed. He and His blood, is forever. It works forever. No expiration date. It’s alive. The Blood is an alive thing. It IS life. [don’t ‘they’ say, ‘the life drained out of him’.]

So sin is a soul thing, it’s in the soul part of us. It’s not in the spirit part of us, it’s in where the mind, will and emotions are. THAT is why the battlefield of the mind is what it is. The Blood of Jesus is the only thing that can wash our souls free and clean from sin.

[Goes back to what I said on the homepage on this blog about the soul being the next important thing to salvation to Jesus. I pray others see this Jesus. ]

Ya gotta be saved before your soul can be set free. [free from what? be specific. I detest covert, nebulous statements, but that’s for another thinking time]

The Blood of Jesus is a part of Him. It’s THE part that has the ability to clean us from sin. If we are not cleansed from sin, we can’t get to heaven when our bodies die. [a whole ‘nother post. Go read Mario Murillo ]

THEN comes the healing of our souls. There are many, many methods that can heal our souls. The best is asking forgiveness for things we have done to others. We have to ask the person first, before we can ask God, if they are alive. [That’s another post]

If they can’t be reached, then you ask forgiveness, out loud and then ask God to forgive you and then forgive yourself and turn loose of the hurt. Give that to Jesus too.

[Forgiveness will be the next post.]

Ignoring someone, is judging them. Being born in to a world that is known as a ‘sin world’ because of who dominates it, means that unless we work on ourselves, unless we allow the Spirit of God, i.e., Holy Spirit to work in our souls, we will continue to perpetuate things that are wrong, through our actions and words. Since we are all tied together as humans, this will hurt others.

Sometimes people are so hurt, their emotions are so damaged, they can’t see anything positive. Not about themselves, not about the world, not about life. But flower essences will help with that.

I have no idea where Carolyn is. If she still is. I just want to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I contributed to your pain by ignoring you.

You left basic training early. I think the reason was that your mother or someone died.

To anyone I have hurt in my life, I am sorry. I ask your forgiveness. Just know God is working on me, I’m willing to learn to be a better person and I’m actively involved.




"God hasn't called you to do, He's called you to be.  "

Janine Joi

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