Naming Babies

Naming babies. Here are my two conversations with the Lord about starting a group naming aborted and miscarried babies that weren’t named.


What started this train of thought? I think I was thinking about dreams, and I started thinking about this.

Father, you gave a dream to a friend, for her to tell her DIL to name her miscarried baby. Do you want me to start naming babies that have been killed or miscarried?

It’s a thought I had.

“That’s not a bad idea. Could you do it?” ‘What would it all entail? I couldn’t give them last names. I would have to start a group.’ [testing here, knowing He hasn’t wanted me to start a group for a very long time]

“Yes, but on gab. Would you pray for the child?”

‘If you wanted us to, yes. Ohh, a prayer of blessing.’ “Yes, a prayer of dedication and blessing.” ‘Even though they’re already in heaven, does it matter?’ “Oh yes! Every child needs a name.” ‘Is this something you want me to undertake?’

“Would you like too?”

‘If it pleases you.’  “Would you like to?”

‘May I figure it out and tell you in a couple of days?’

“Yes, you may. If you decide to, gathering in those who are shut-ins and disabled would be good. Everyone needs a purpose.”

‘They would need to agree with the doctrine of faith wouldn’t they?’ “Yes and no.”

‘Pardon?’  “What’s more important, faith or love?”

‘Oh my gosh Lord! I don’t know! I would guess love is.’  “You would be right.”

‘How would a non believer pray a Christian blessing?’ “Everyone prays the blessing.”

‘You really like stretching me, huh?’ He laughed. “Yes! Yes I do! I like to see how far you’ll go. It got a little trippy for you earlier.”

‘Oh yeah, it did. Energy transferred to a napkin that shows where something would be, like on a map. LOLOL! I JUST REALIZED! YOU had me watch the quantum mechanics tonight and it was sorta about that!

He laughed. “I so enjoy it when you pick up on things. And you do it so quickly now!”

‘I think sometimes you say that to bolster me.’ “Do you not think it’s true?”

‘Mostly I do. Yes, I do. It’s just that you are my cheering section. And you always do it.’

“Yes, I like it that way.” ‘I do to Dad, thank you.’

“You are welcome sweetheart.” ‘I know that if I don’t do it, you will have someone else do it.’ [thinking of a way out]

“Yeah but it has to be someone who listens to me. Not everyone does. But yes, I will find someone who will do it, if you would rather not.”

‘Would it be a bad thing if I didn’t Lord? I need to weigh everything that you have told me to do. You have told me to get the story online, to make the essences, to get them online to sell them. To write more books. What kind of blessing would we pray over them anyway?’

“It will come to you. Something like – ‘we bless you and release you into the arms of Jesus.’ ”  ‘Would it be a bad thing if I didn’t?’  “No. It would not. I’m proud of you.” ‘For what Dad?’

“For weighing the cost my girl. For thinking it through. Instead of just automatically saying yes to anything I ask. For thinking it through and weighing the cost and figuring it out. You always, always say yes, without thinking about the other things you have to do and then when those things don’t get done, you feel guilty and you feel bad, so this is good.”

‘I thought I’m supposed to say yes to anything you ask?’

“Yes sweetheart, however, for you, it is good for you to stop and think things through. I’ll wait a couple days. You think about it.”

‘You know, inside me, I just want to hop too and say ‘yes I’ll do it’, but I’m wondering if this is you or if this is just a thought that came into my head.’

“Do you think I do not put thoughts into your head? Isn’t that how I nudge you and guide you?”

‘Yes Lord, however sometimes I want things and so I put them into my head and, I think, I attribute them to you.’

“Excellent. Well said, well thought out. Very, very good! Ruminate on it and think about whether it was me or your idea.” ‘Ok.’

[after I looked it up online]

‘Lord, others are already naming babies.’

“Yes, but not worldwide. And not always. People forget. How many babies could you name and pray for in a day?”

I don’t know. 50 if I stick to it? So naming babies and blessing 500 a day, means it would take 328 yrs to get it done.’

“And more are happening all the time.”

This is how many girls were killed between 2000-2014 by sex-selective abortion:

🇮🇳 India: 12,771,043 girls

🇨🇳 China: 9,615,875 girls

🇵🇰 Pakistan: 1,280,228 girls

🇻🇳 Vietnam: 555,002 girls

131 years just to name girls at 500/day from the above numbers.

These are two of the 4 dreams I had that night:


2.23.21 dream

There was a large, bright green food truck, with words all over the outside of it. Like UPS truck large.

I was pregnant as were other women. We all went our separate ways. My baby died as I was giving birth. I made sure to name it. I met up with these other two women whose babies died too. They didn’t name it and it was important that they did.

I needed to let them know. One didn’t want to hear it and walked away, the other was opening to listening.



‘Lord, gab doesn’t work. What about starting a group on fb?’ “What about it?” ‘I bind any spirit except Holy Spirit from speaking to me or working in or through my life.’ “That’s better.” ‘I agree. Dad, I had a dream about this. Is this that important to you?’ “It is.” ‘May I ask why?’ “You may. Because some of the little ones feel lost without a name. I don’t want them to feel lost.”

‘Why don’t you or others do it in heaven?’ “We do. But they prefer an earth name.” ‘Why?’ “It tells them they were wanted.” ‘How? I don’t understand all this.’ (I’m wondering if I’m hearing right) “Do you need to know? Wouldn’t you just do it for me?” ‘But you usually tell me!’

“True. I do. But not always. Did you decide if you’ll do it?”

‘Dad, I’m not sure I’m the right, committed person for this. I’m really not. HOWEVER! You asked, and yes I will. How can I say no to you?’

“I also asked you to think about it. Count the cost. This is more a thinking exercise than anything, for you.” ‘This will be an ongoing thing. Like forever.’ “Yes, it will be.” ‘I want to say no. But you have given me so much. Does it have to be every day?’ “GOOD question! No my girl, it does not. Others can take over naming babies too.” ‘I’m not even sure this is from you. But I had the dream. And I sure can’t control my dreams.’

“No, you can’t, which is one of the reasons I love giving dreams. They bypass every bit of brain and logic.” He grinned. “It’s an evangelistic tool as well. To tell others about my love.” ‘Ah, there’s your hook. You know I love evangelism.’ I smiled. ‘Do I have to make a big deal of naming babies?’ “No. And, you’ll have a hand in all these children when you get here. How they relate to you is through their name.” ‘Huh?’ “They will recognize you, as giving them love.” ‘Is that a big deal?’ “It will be when you get here.”

‘Gab. You said there, bc it will be around awhile, yes?’

“Yes.” ‘Can the group switch over there when they are up to speed?’ “Yes, just bring the files with you.”

This is just so OFF THE WALL for you to ask me. But so was the essences.

Well, bc I had the dream, mostly, actually solely bc of that, I’ll say yes. Yes this is from you, and yes I’ll do it. Even as off the wall as this sounds to me.’

“Good. Let’s get started.”

Update 2023. Please send names for boys and girls to ‘hello at doorstojoy dot com’  The names can be in any language, but it must be sent in English.


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