Holy Spirit vs THE Holy Spirit. Differentiating between the two 6.4.21

Holy Spirit vs THE Holy Spirit, how to differentiate between the two. 6.4.21 NOTE: I talk a LOT with the Lord. He and I have conversations, whole convos. Because it’s not ‘he said’, ‘she replied’, I get lost in re-reading. So I use single quotes to denote me speaking and double quotes to denote the […]

Holy Spirit – What is blaspheme, Sacrilege? 6.3.21

I don’t remember how I thought of Holy Spirit the first time I was trying to figure this out. Then I changed it to God and Jesus were mute, so they couldn’t talk. Now I see them as a three-headed giant heart. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are three in one. For me, THIS is the […]

God’s Word Activated

When we are born again, believing Jesus is not only the Son but also God; when we believe what he did on the cross and believe it for ourselves, we are born again. Saved. Have salvation. At that time, Holy Spirit, THE Holy Spirit of God comes to live inside of us, to guide us […]