Holy Spirit – What is blaspheme, Sacrilege? 6.3.21

I don’t remember how I thought of Holy Spirit the first time I was trying to figure this out. Then I changed it to God and Jesus were mute, so they couldn’t talk. Now I see them as a three-headed giant heart. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are three in one. For me, THIS is the mystery the Bible talks about. It’s HARD wrapping my mind around this. I’ve been trying to figure out why everyone talks TO Holy Spirit instead of Jesus or God.

I wish when I was saved that they would have said, ‘there is God, you get salvation thru Jesus and you talk to Holy Spirit’, so it wouldn’t be so ODD to me at this point. Jesus has told me it doesn’t matter what I call Him, but that’s another lesson I haven’t posted yet.

So it was God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, they were all together hovering over the earth, creating, hanging out, all that stuff. Then Jesus was sent to earth to do what He did. That was his part. He said He has to go to the Father in order for Holy Spirit to be sent to men’s [and women’s] hearts. [See tomorrow’s entry explaining why I didn’t say ‘the’ Holy Spirit here] When He was on earth, He had Holy Spirit in him. The disciples didn’t have Holy Spirit in them, they had the power of God around them and that’s how they could do what they did. Because they believed in Jesus and the power He had, oozed into them because He was the Power and Authority on earth. [that view may change, but it works for me now]

So Jesus said, “I have to go to my Father or the Holy Spirit won’t come.” So the Holy Spirit came.* [next lesson in tomorrow’s post] He was sent to people’s hearts. They got their evidence that they had Him inside them, when they started speaking in tongues in the upper room. That’s when they knew that He was in them. From then on, that’s when Holy Spirit was released on earth and that’s when Holy Spirit could go into people’s hearts that believed in what Jesus did and said.


Holy Spirit was around in the Old Testament, because he’s a part of the godhead. They are part and parcel of one. As more people believed in Jesus from the New Testament times, forward, more people were filled with THE Holy Spirit. [ohmygosh, ohmygosh. I’m correctly this the next day, 6.4.21 and I’ve already had my lesson so wow, I SEE IT now!] At this point in time, there is a lot of the Spirit of God, a lot of God in the earth because He’s manifested Himself through His Spirit.

I wonder how Hebrew or Arabic says ‘Holy Spirit’. we never say ‘the God’ or ‘the Jesus, so why do we say ‘the’ Holy Spirit? [see tomorrows post!!! 6.4.21]

People take the Lord’s name in vain, which we are not supposed to do, whether it’s God or Jesus’s name. The Bible says do not blaspheme ‘the’ Holy Spirit. The closest anyone comes is by saying holy cow or holy anything else. Holy moly. But they never take the full name of Holy Spirit because that’s how powerful God is. There are certain lines that Satan cannot cross in a Christian’s life. Selah


We all know what Wikipedia is. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s so wrong. However, Wikipedia says a blaspheme against the Holy Spirit is attributing to Satan a work of Holy Spirit.

“Sacrilege is the violation or injurious treatment of a sacred object, site or person. This can take the form of irreverence to sacred persons, places, and things. When the sacrilegious offence is verbal, it is called blasphemy, and when physical, it is often called desecration.


Whatever the future abomination of desolation is, it will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the one perpetrating it is the person known as the Antichrist.

Revelation 13:14 describes him making some kind of image which all are forced to worship. Turning the temple of the living God into a place of worship for the Antichrist is truly an “abomination.” Those who are alive and remain during the tribulation should be watchful and recognize that this event is the beginning of 3 1/2 years of the worst of the tribulation period and that the return of the Lord Jesus is imminent. “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36).”

Oooh! So there is going to be a revival happening for however long and then the abomination will happen. That will usher in the tribulation.

Rabbit Hole

Flipping around sideways here, they must have seen ghosts, spirits in those times. And it was a common occurrence. They thought the spirit of Peter was at the door. They didn’t realize that Jesus was in the flesh when He came back. So demonic activity was rampant before Jesus came and people were used to seeing spirits and ghosts.

Jesus showed a more perfect way. He showed He is the originator of spiritual things. He let us know about Satan ruling the earth. He let us know what’s been going on for hundreds of years. And He was here to stop it and take back what was his.

That’s what he’s doing with so many people! He told me with the frequencies and the flower essences, “it’s mine and I want it back”. He told someone else about rainbows, “it’s mine and I want it back”. He told George Pearsons [EMIC] something about revival or something, I don’t know what it was, “it’s mine and I want it back”. He’s taking back what is His.

As soon as we all get about the father’s business and not our own business, the quicker we do that, the quicker Jesus will come back.

 the question of whether there is a rapture or not.

Reading Luke 21:36, I think there is going to be a rapture. Those who have been faithful will be removed from the earth and those who have been wishy-washy will remain and they will – because they know the truth but haven’t been acting in it – will realize they missed out and will be able to lead others to Jesus.

Holy Spirit don’t you have to be here? In the tribulation? Maybe you’ll only be in people’s hearts and not roaming around on the earth. Maybe you will be corralled.

This I know, Lord, this I know. That what Satan tried to sift and destroy, which is me, your hand has been on me since before I was born. You have kept me for your own purposes. I thank you for salvation, I thank you for keeping me. I thank you for your love and your hand on me. I thank you for everything in my life that has brought me to this place.

I pray, I offer myself back to you as an offering. I give back to you willingly – my time, my interests, my life, my desires, my wishes, everything about me Lord, I offer back to You. I am a walking example of the hand of God being on a person all of their life. And that person turning to God.

Lord You gave me this life, and You have asked me to have fun and to explore, to have experiences down here. You have asked me to be myself, to share myself, to share my songs, the wisdom You give me, the lessons You give me. You have asked me to share everything I think and everything I do. And in this ask, you have given me a life that is pleasing, pleasant, challenging. You have put things in my life for me learn from to grow into maturity. Thank You Lord. Thankyou for counting me worthy. Thankyou for giving me life. Thankyou for training me and teaching me. Thankyou for your patience.

Patience and love are the two things I did not have in my life growing up for the most part. Moggie was sent by you. She was sent for me. Thank you for Moggie, Lord.

Because of Moggie, I knew acceptance and love from two people. I knew patience.

Father, that saying, ‘what you make of your life is your gift to God’? That’s true. You gave me life and that was Your gift to me and then You keep Your hand on me and You teach me and You guide me and You direct me. You lead me in the way I should go and when I am old I will not depart from it.

I get myself bogged down in the cares of this world and in problems of this world in my world. That, I think, is the biggest thing for everyone, to not allow ourselves to get bogged down in the cares of this world, but to keep our eyes on You, to keep our hearts on You. To not get sidetracked.

Glory to you God, glory to you God, glory to you God. All hail Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Messiah, the anointed one.

Lord? I do have to take care of things on earth because I am living here on earth and I have to deal with things on earth. But it’s all a lesson, it’s all a learning possibility.

My life is not about what I want! It’s about what You want Lord and how I can best do what You want! You provide! It’s the ‘laying down my life for a friend’ part of the Bible. When we all will give up our adamant willfulness and be willing to change into a nicer, kinder person, then everything comes together and we are happy/joyful/content.

My part is to surrender to You and love You with all my heart. When I love You with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my strength, then I want to do what You want me to do. It’s pleasing for me. It’s happy for me. Because it’s happy for You! That’s how You are our husband.

What a huge responsibility being a man is! They have to be the bride of Jesus, and if they’re married, to be a husband. They have to surrender themselves to God as His bride and be a leader at the same time! That’s why those that are married are to pray for their husbands!

In reality, all women should be praying for all men, so they can be the people they were created to be: Leaders and followers. I would guess it’s pretty tough to be a man. I’m glad I’m not a man.

Women also have to be submitted to God as their husband and sometimes they have to be the leader. However it’s easier for women to be submitted because it’s built inside of us. It’s a part of our nature, how we think, how we act, who we are. I would guess that men have to work at it.

btw, google does not like the way I talk. Too many sentences start with the same word, no subheadings, paragraphs too long and passive voice. Dad, for ONCE I have a PASSIVE VOICE!!! LOL this is AWESOME!

UPDATE 9.10.11 Blaspheme is turning away from Holy Spirit when you know, deep down in your heart it is true, yet you turn away. Allowing your heart to be hardened. When one has tasted the Lord and seen He is good, pure, holy and loves you, and you turn away anyway.


"If keeping the fear inside you is more important than facing it, then you will believe anyone that will feed your fear."

Janine  Joi

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