Women, Eve, Satan, Adam, Men – Submission

Women and the rest. The scenario: someone comes over to me and says I see that there was a rat around your van. Yeah both me and my husband saw this rat going around your van at the bottom and then we saw it go underneath and it must have gone up into your van because we didn’t see it again. I, got all “oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Steve goes and looks around van saying ‘there’s no holes for it to go up into the van’.


Neighbor says, ‘oh we saw it and this other guy did too. It was about 6 inches long. ’teve says he’ll get a trap. I say, ‘get two.’ Steve gets two.

No different than Satan, Eve and Adam. Steve is attached to me, so he did what he heard me say. He did not use his own brain, his own logic. He allowed himself to be led by a woman. The easy way out was taken. He did tell me, ‘There’s no place for a rat to get up inside the van,’ but I believed the neighbors instead. Why? Because I have been lied to before by him. Because I have seen the ways he does things, so I thought, ‘maybe he missed someplace in the van and there is a hole. I have to take care of my stuff.’ So Steve took the easy way out.

The Easy way out

Adam took the easy way out. He wanted to please her. He saw that she had eaten it and wasn’t dead. She said it was good. Why not? Why remember what He had said? He wasn’t here now, Eve is. Let’s please Eve. He knows she can get angry, lets do the easy thing. So he did.

Which shows the woman has the power. We are to give our power to the one we are yoked with. It’s called submission. Which proves women have ‘the’ power. Women are told in the Bible to submit to men, because the men are made to be the leaders.

Most women don’t like that and most men don’t take the leadership position. So things get screwed up.

How can a man be hen pecked? Only if he gives up his position of leadership. Easu did it too. He gave up his leadership position. His birthright, because why? Because he was weak in character. Weak in resolve. Weak in integrity. He let his flesh control him.

Some men will do anything to get out of doing something. They’ll ‘forget’, they won’t make a list, they won’t follow through, they won’t ‘man up’. So what do some women do?

THEY DO IT FOR THE MAN. Women take up the slack. We tend to think we are submitting by doing what he doesn’t want to do, doesn’t feel like doing. This is NOT submission, it’s a doormat. A mouse. This is not womanhood.

Stop leading

WOMEN EVERYWHERE MUST STOP BEING THE LEADER AND DO ONLY WHAT THEY ARE CALLED TO DO. If you can’t live with the one you’re with, change yourself first. Change how you respond, change your perspective, forgive both yourself and them. Stop doing his job. Stop making the decisions, [unless necessary due to sickness or such], stop doing his job of leading.

It will take time. How much? I don’t know for you. If he is not an abuser, emotionally, mentally or physically and you were married in God’s will [not a church, that’s a place] then it is up to you to change yourself and take as long as it takes. This is the type of marriage where the man is saved by how the woman acts. It may take years, but if your man was worthy to marry, he should be worthy to take the time to correct yourself. When your behavior and thoughts change, often the other person’s will too. You’ll also see them differently because your perspective has changed.

Try it for a length of time. If nothing changes, move out and move on.

"Happiness comes and goes, joy and contentment is a state of heart.  "

Janine Joi

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