Love In All Forms, Through Many Different People

Love In All Forms, Through Many Different People

Love, in all forms, through many different people. It’s pretty awesome. I am constantly learning; about myself, about Jesus, about how to speak, how to think, how to act. Constantly. You can read eslewhere on here to find out me and about why.

I’m a born-again, dyed in the wool follower of Jesus. I’ve been a Christian longer than I wasn’t a Christian.
I’m on a group about crystals. I’ve learned more about love and about *hearts* than any other group I’ve been on. I know it’s because that’s what Jesus; focus is for me at this time and it’s a marvel that I am learning this, from there.

Why? Read my book,  “Frequencies and Flower Essences: Witchcraft? New Age? Christian?“ to find out more. However, for all of my Christian life – which at that time was 36 yrs. – until 6 years ago, I thought crystals and such were witchcraft.

I did an awful lot of work on not ‘going there’ when I would feel energies coming off of plants and rocks. You know, we can all brain-wash ourselves by telling ourselves things. Love in all its forms, but what did I know? But I digress.

So this group I’m on, on facebook, this is what one gal wrote. At first, my instinct to bristle came out, but as I kept reading, I SAW her heart. God and I talk. Jesus, Holy Spirit, whichever One you want to call Him. He told me once that everyone is seeking Him. They seek Him thru whatever means they think they can find Him. Some find him, some don’t.
That thought is what started covering over the bristles in my thinking/emotions, as I read this.

The question was, ‘what do you do with tiny 1/8th inch gemstones you have?’ This woman’s answer?

love gemstones
what would you do with all these small stones? Love them

“In the past I would leave small tumbled stones in places that I’ve walked or visited, or lived. I would leave them in plain sight and hidden away (like in the crook of a giant Redwood tree). I would hold each one to my heart and ask if it wanted to be left there in the woods, or wherever, and if it wanted to have a friend nearby as well. I would also ask that peace and healing prevail in certain areas.
Many years ago I had a flat map of the world and I would place different stones in places on the map that needed extra love and healing energy. I don’t have the space to do that anymore, but it was something I could do when I thought it was appropriate. They are beautiful little orbs of “colored Light”, and I would think, very special pieces.”

This woman’s heart is amazing. The Lord showed me what she shared. Her heart. God let me see it. Feel it.

I’ve learned a lot in that group. I’ve learned all women aren’t bitchy. Quite honestly, I’ve never ‘met’ so many women in one place that are nice. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve learned it’s ok if I can’t do something, I can admire someone else’s work in doing it. It’s not something I must do in order to be fulfilled. That’s a ‘should’ I used to put on myself quite heavily.

There is love in all forms, through many different people. We just have to be open to see it.