Movin’ On, Be Happy, Divorce, Letting Go!

Divorce means you move on. You leave the area, you leave the sphere of influence someone had over your life, in your emotions. Letting Go, movin’ on, going forth. Be happy, be set free today! My Dad’s body died August 17, 2021. We were estranged. His choice, because he couldn’t control me any longer since […]

Naming Babies

Naming babies. Here are my two conversations with the Lord about starting a group naming aborted and miscarried babies that weren’t named. 2.23.21 What started this train of thought? I think I was thinking about dreams, and I started thinking about this. Father, you gave a dream to a friend, for her to tell her […]

Love In All Forms, Through Many Different People

Love, in all forms, through many different people. It’s pretty awesome. I am constantly learning; about myself, about Jesus, about how to speak, how to think, how to act. Constantly. You can read eslewhere on here to find out me and about why. I’m a born-again, dyed-in-the-wool follower of Jesus. I’ve been a Christian longer […]