Women, Eve, Satan, Adam, Men – Submission

Women and the rest. The scenario: someone comes over to me and says I see that there was a rat around your van. Yeah both me and my husband saw this rat going around your van at the bottom and then we saw it go underneath and it must have gone up into your van […]

Holy Spirit – What is blaspheme, Sacrilege? 6.3.21

I don’t remember how I thought of Holy Spirit the first time I was trying to figure this out. Then I changed it to God and Jesus were mute, so they couldn’t talk. Now I see them as a three-headed giant heart. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are three in one. For me, THIS is the […]

Love In All Forms, Through Many Different People

Love, in all forms, through many different people. It’s pretty awesome. I am constantly learning; about myself, about Jesus, about how to speak, how to think, how to act. Constantly. You can read eslewhere on here to find out me and about why. I’m a born-again, dyed-in-the-wool follower of Jesus. I’ve been a Christian longer […]