I’m redeemed! I was born again in 1979. I was 24.5 years old. I have struggled for decades, not just years, with understanding Biblical things. I’ve had a lot of prophetic words over the years, but never anyone to explain any of them. So I’ve struggled to learn, to know, to understand. I was filled […]

Iteracare wand water- structured, water therapy

water molecule

Structured water. What the heck is it? Is it real or an MLM ploy to sell more units? I say the latter. I purchased an iteracare wand after listening to so many people say they were healed of this and that. Then I heard about them saying the water is ‘structured’ or it’s H2O3, or […]

Things Are Changing 7.7.23

Times are changing. This is a word the Lord gave me on July 7, 2023. {7.7.23} I thought the date was interesting. The perfect timing of God. We have until Sept to call things that are not, as though they are. To decree and declare America will be saved. I will make a post on […]

Ultimate Irony

When God releases blessings or breaks strongholds, it happens over time for many people.  For instance 2005 was the year of things coming full circle. The year of breaking old cycles. But it didn’t start happening for me until 2017. God is opening up revelation, if we will but spend time with him and get […]

Perceptions and Perspective

Perceptions and Perspective 4.6.22 readability. My words are in single quotes, God’s are in double quotes. If there’s no quotes it’s me thinking. I’m not fully trusting God in this house move. I’ve been scared. Because bad things happen to good people, because trusting God doesn’t always mean that bad things aren’t going to happen. […]

The “Missing” Connection – Trusting Self

4.1.22 10.25a ‘Oh God! It’s not that I don’t believe you! It’s that I don’t trust that I’m hearing you. Why is that? Will you heal me of it?’ “Yes, I certainly will.” ‘Why do you always have to be asked?’ “I don’t always. However it’s best to ask so you are aware of the situation […]

Prepare For What’s Coming – A List to Help


In my youtube video from today’s date, called Prophetic Words-2022-What the Prophets are NOT saying loudly! I said I will post a list of things that might be useful to buy to prepare for what the prophets and just about 98% of people say is coming. You can get tons of info on what foods […]

Prophetic Word on Masks for Children, No Mistakes Plus more

Dad loves child

Prophetic word on masks for children, no mistakes, God loves you, no comparisons. If it’s me, the quotes are ‘, single, if it’s God talking, the quotes are ” double. ‘Lord I see that everything is based on self-worth. If I don’t see myself as having value or worth oh, then I will never accomplish […]

House Buying, Prepping, Herbs, Blackout, SHTF

updated: 3.5.24 I live in Virginia now. It’s WAY different in the East than it is in the West. Everything is different, except for the language. Unless, of course, you get around some with a deep southern drawl. Then all bets are out the window. I have learned some things I’d like to share in […]

Addressing Fear


Well, I’ve been reading my journal and posting it on youtube. As the Lord has asked me to do. The purpose is to let others know they are not alone. It’s basically a story to me and for me, yet also for everyone and anyone else that wants to avail themselves of the lessons, wisdom, […]